Bingo Ribeirinhos at Ignition Casino

The Ribeirinhos are a group of villagers who live on the shores of the Amazon river and survive by fishing and living off the land. They are a good people and keep to themselves not causing any trouble. Ignition Casino has decided to focus on these amazing people and offers a fun Bingo game that includes a random progressive jackpot. The game is available on both the instant and mobile platforms for all registered players.

About the Game

The Bingo Ribeirinhos game is a 32 ball bingo game where the player receives four bingo cards. The minimum purchase is $1 to receive these cards and earn a chance to win the random progressive jackpot. Each card has 15 numbers on it spread at random and the player has a chance to change the cards if he wants a different layout. Once the game commences 32 balls are chosen from a pool of 60 balls and the player needs to try and land an eight number combination that will confirm his win. If the player is close with 7 out of the 8 numbers marked on his card, he has the option of purchasing further cards which is worth it in some cases.

Bonus Pick and Win Payout

Once the player has landed an eight number configuration he is taken to a new screen where the catch of the day is presented in three different baskets. The player is then invited to choose one of the baskets that will reveal his bonus prize for the Bingo game. The theme of the game and the background of the Amazon river adds to the excitement of this Bingo game that breaks away from some of the more traditional games.