Bovada Casino Winner

The winners keep rolling in at the Bovada Casino and this time it is Jonathan B from Texas who won an incredible $119348 from betting just $76 on a game of Caribbean Poker. This lucky player was trying his luck at this classic table game that is a mixture of poker and video poker and is played with one hand of cards against the dealer. The player places his initial bet of the Ante and then increases his bet if his hand looks promising and then two more cards are dealt into the pot and the player decides if he wants to stand or raise the bet even more.

How Jonathan Won the Huge Payout

In this lucky win Jonathan from Texas started with a $25 bet on the Ante and his first cards dealt were an Ace of Diamonds and a 10 of Diamonds. That was a very promising start and as a result he decided to raise his bet by another $50 giving him a total bet of $75. The next cards shown called the Flop were the King of Diamonds, the Jack or Diamonds and the Queen of Diamonds. At that moment Jonathan knew he had done it and won a Royal Flush and nothing else matter. The Royal Flush pays out 100:1 in this game so he had automatically won $7500 but more than that Jonathan had placed an extra $1 bet at the beginning of the game on the side bet. The side bet was on a progressive jackpot that is associated with this game and in the end Jonathan won an outstanding $119438 from a $75 bet. Just another winning day at Bovada Casino.