Kim Wins Close to $20000 on the 7x Lucky 7's Jackpot

Liberty Slots has many excellent games with special features and one of the best ones has just proved itself again. A newly widowed player from PA won an incredible $19429.51 after placing a 3 cent bet on the 7x Lucky Sevens progressive slots game. Kim is a regular player at the Liberty Slots casino and likes it for the easy to follow lobby and the fact that every transaction is totally secure and the casino is trustworthy. Players can try out many of the games in advance of placing real money bets but not the 7x Lucky 7's Jackpot game because it hosts a progressive jackpot.

How Kim Won

Kim had in her possession a $2 chip left over from the daily tournament that she plays on a regular basis at the casino and with this she started playing slots and placed a $0.25 bet, soon realizing that it would not go very far she switched to the minimum bet for the game, of $0.01. Kim was savvy enough to realize that she needed to place the full three coin bet to get the most out of the game but she did not realize that this game has a guaranteed payout once the jackpot reaches $25000 and in the case of Kim this happened giving her a huge payout of $19429.51 from just a 3 cents bet.

About the Game

Kim who tragically lost her husband when he was just 50 years old sees this jackpot as a blessing and will use it to benefit her two children, their health policies and even schooling. It is without a doubt that Kim will continue to play at Liberty Slots casino where she finds everything so safe and secure and enjoys the wide choice of casino games, 7x Lucky 7's slots is a three reel progressive slots game with an option for players to place one, two or three coin bets. The logo of the game is a wild symbol offering 7x and 49x multipliers when appearing on the payline and this with the progressive jackpot guaranteed payout gives the player so much promise when playing for real money and Kim is the poof of this.