Flash Slot Games

For new players entering the exciting world of online casinos, there may be some terms you are not familiar with. One of those terms is flash slot games. Flash slot games are those slots you can play at any online casino that offers the Instant Play option. Instead of having to download the entire casino version, you can play games in flash, meaning that you can play these slot games directly on your browser.

Top USA Casinos Offering Flash Slot Games

For US players who want to play slot games online, there are over 30 online casinos that welcome players from the US. But for your immediate consideration, we are providing you with the top online casinos that are experienced, well-established, and offer some of the best online casino flash slot games. They are:

All of these casinos are powered by the best software providers, and feature the best and most popular flash slot games online today.

Best USA Flash Slots

To give you an idea of what flash slot games you can play at these casinos, here is a partial list that not many new players are privy to unless you sign on as a guest.

All of these flash slot games, and more, are available at our top casinos. They vary from 3-reel and 3-reel bonus slots; and 5-reel and 5-reel bonus slots.

Play Flash Slot Games Anytime, Anywhere!

The benefit of playing flash slot games is that as long as you have internet access, you can play flash games anywhere, anytime! So if you prefer not to utilize your precious memory space on your PC, flash slot games are your ticket to an exciting, lucrative, and entertaining online casino experience.

Flash Slots Games

In order to understand the benefits of flash slots games, one must first understand what a flash game is. Up until recently, most casinos had to be downloaded to the players computer and in order to access the casino and its games, the player had to stay on the same computer and in fact log in each time and wait for the casino and games to load. The process did not take long but for some it was arduous. Today the flash or instant casino is available, and this is preferable over downloaded casinos. The flash casino is instantly available at all times of the day or night and does not require any waiting around. The games are played directly from the web browser of the casino and are always accessible. The flash or instant casino is the most preferable way to play at online casinos today. All the same privileges of an online casino remain at the flash casino and that includes the generous rewards, full service, secure ways to make deposits and best of all the wide selection of casino games including many different slots.

The Best Slots at the Best Online Casinos

Choosing the best slots is made easy by being able to try out the casino games in advance. There are many different slots games with both three reel and five-reel options offered. Each game is unique and offers the player an exciting experience where he can enjoy spinning reels and colorful symbols that lead to great payouts. There are games with wilds that substitute for other symbols, scatters that lead to bonus payouts and free spins, bonus symbols, special bonus games, expanding symbols, changing reels and interactive bonus games. Each slots game is different and has its own theme where the player can take a trip to a fantasy garden or a make-believe fairy tale or he can visit ancient cultures and learn about them or he can go on safari. Within each game the symbols and characters contribute to the story and the player gains an affinity to these characters. Being able out the games for fun gives the player a chance to check which of the games works best for him and which ones he is not interested. An extra pull in choosing the slots games is also the special bonuses and rewards that the casino gives for each game. Online casino starts with a generous welcome offer that can come with free spins for some of the slots games and is followed by many other generous rewards, further match up bonuses, free spins and reload bonuses. Some casinos also offer VIP rewards and loyalty points where the player receives extra money for every deposit that he makes at the casino. All these extras help the player decide not only which are the best slots games but also which is the best casino to play these slots.

New Slots and Special Options

All the games are free to play. The free slot machines can be tried out in fun mode or even on the website of software companies. In addition, casinos offer new slots on a regular basis. The new slots are introduced after months of research and development and testing. The frequency of the new slots depends on the casino and the software company but with every new slot game that is introduced, players should look out for special promotions and rewards that encourage the player to try out the games. The new slots are often detailed on the home page of the casino giving the player information on how to try out the games and what promotions are offered.

International Slots

Slots are an international game. In Australia and New Zealand slots are called pokies. The pokies are the same as the slots and can be three reel or five reel or even up to seven reels. Slots for USA players have more of a USA theme and can include games about baseball, American football or even past presidents. Slots for UK players are also themed based, and, in the UK, they also refer to the classic three-reel slots games as one-armed bandits or fruit machines. The original slots games were set in motion by pulling a lever at the side of the reels, hence the name one armed bandit. And the original games mainly had fruit symbols on the reels, hence the name fruit machines.

Slots Tournaments

Apart from the generous bonuses and promotions that players can enjoy at online and mobile casinos, some of the casinos present an opportunity to enjoy slots tournaments. A slots tournament is for a period of time and is either free to join or costs a small amount. The player then plays the slots game specified and works his way up a leader board within the time frame given. The winner is declared at the end of the tournament and he wins either the amount given by the casino or the sum of the entry fees. Playing in slots tournaments is a perfect way to get to know the casino slots games without having to invest a lot of money.

Progressive Slots and the RTP

The RTP is the return to player and this is the percentage amount that the player can expect to receive over time against the money he invests in the game. The RTP is measured over time and it is not per game so when it is detailed as a 97% RTP that does not mean the player receives 97% of his investment in return. The RTP calculated does not consider the progressive jackpots that are associated with different slots games. The progressive jackpot is an additional reward that can be won totally at random or when landing a certain configuration of symbols. A portion of every bet placed is taken towards the progressive jackpot.

Mobile Slots

The mobile slots games are played at mobile casinos and they are played in exactly the same way as the online slots games with one major difference and that is the touch controls of the mobile devices. Today the mobile phone is like a minicomputer and it can do anything that a computer can enabling the player to enjoy fabulous games while on the move, at home or at the office. Slots are converted to mobile platforms for use on both Android and Apple devices. All mobile slots games are played using touch controls.

More Power To The Slots Bonuses

Regardless of what your favorite slot game is, you want to come out on top. To help you come out on top with your slot game, the online casino that you are playing the game at, is bound to have many promotions, especially for the slot games, to help set you up.

If you are a newcomer, it is common to have a welcome package made available to you. Most welcome packages have a fixed amount of a matching bonus up to a certain amount. What's for certain is that the welcome package will have a wagering requirement associated with it before you can make any withdrawals from it.

Next to the welcome package, the next important slot bonus, are free spins. Free spins are unique for a variety of reasons. They normally come with a fixed amount to be used for all slot games, are exclusive slot games. In fact, free spins is a great way for an online casino to break in a new slot game so it will catch on. Free spins normally range from 25 to 200 plus. It is also common for the free spins to come from in house and from third party websites. Whichever way, there are bonus codes associated with free spins that need to be entered at the cashier. There are also wager requirements and play through requirements for free spins.

It should go without saying that the cashback bonuses can also be applied to slot games and bonuses too. Cashback bonuses require you to make some form of a deposit which is normally matched at 100% for a fixed value amount. It is also common to have matching bonuses go as low as 25%, all the way to 75%. You can apply the fixed matching bonus to your slot games, and play until the expired amount. Once more, there are wager and play through requirements that come along with the cashback bonuses.

Last but not least, no deposit bonuses are effective slot bonuses. No deposit bonuses are just what the name says. You literally don't make a deposit. Instead you enter the bonus code at the cashier for it to kick in. No deposit bonuses can be as low as $15, and can even go as high, generally up to $50. Whatever the value, you can apply that as a slot bonus for the slot game of your choice.