As more and more online casinos incorporate Bitcoin as payment, and for that matter, casinos becoming entirely Bitcoin, more and more online gamblers are quickly recognizing the advantages of using Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin is not based on any currency, it therefore does not need any banks to process deposits and withdrawals. The result of this means players can process deposits within in mere minutes, and you can receive earnings in only minutes as well. Bitcoin also negates the need for credit authorization forms, since you will be trading, selling and handling all of your Bitcoin usages through email and a Bitcoin wallet. There are also no fees associated with receiving your winnings via Bitcoin.

Trusted Bitcoin Casinos

Some Casinos That Accept Bitcoin

Ignition Casino, which offers new members a 100% matching bonus, also accepts Bitcoin for making deposits and withdrawals. Lincoln Casino, a stalwart in the online casino world, also accepts Bitcoin as a payment method. They are currently offering a 100% matching bonus up to $5,000 on the first five deposits.

And there is Liberty Slots Casino, where both the main site and its mobile site, also accepts Bitcoin. New members that sign up, will get a 100% matching bonus up to $777, on the first three deposits. And the quaint online casino, Cafe Casino, also accepts Bitcoin, along with both the main website and mobile version of Drake Casinos.

Other Aspects Of Bitcoin

Another advantage of using Bitcoin, are the exclusive promotions associated with it. For casinos that are pure Bitcoin casinos, a common staple are the free spins promotions that are associated with depositing with Bitcoin. The free spins promotions tend to apply for select slot games. It is not uncommon to receive up to 50 free spins at some Bitcoin casinos. Other popular Bitcoin only promotions are, non deposits, and social media usage like Facebook and Twitter, to use Bitcoin.

Regardless of which online casino you use, you will need a Bitcoin wallet, as previously mentioned to make deposits and to receive winnings. Using an intricate technology known as block-chain, Bitcoin wallet transactions are completely secure, and it allows members to trade and sell Bitcoins directly from user to user. Bitcoin wallets also allow users to manage several Bitcoin accounts at the same time. All you need for a Bitcoin wallet is a valid email, and it only takes minutes to setup.

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The Benefits of Bitcoin

Bitcoin cannot be considered as the newest payment method but it is still considered the best payment method for online casinos. Bitcoin is offered at many online casinos today around the world as the most secure and easiest method for making online payments and payments through mobile devices. The concept of Bitcoin was created in 2009 by a genius named Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin is not a physical currency but rather a virtual currency that is made up of hundreds of different algorithms linked on different block chains. Because of the complex construction of the Bitcoin it is impossible to copy and this makes it one of the most secure if not the most secure way of sending and receiving funds at online casinos today. In order to hold Bitcoin, a player must first open a Bitcoin wallet where the Bitcoins are stored after having been mined from the algorithms or they are bought from other users. With a Bitcoin or more in the wallet, a casino player has ready funds and is able to start sending the money to his casino in order to play real money casino games.

Direct and Secure Fund Transfers

The transfer of the funds is direct and in addition the player is assured of the total security of each transaction. Players do not have to worry about anything apart from enjoying themselves playing the casino games. Some of the established casinos have been using Bitcoin for a number of years as one of their payment options and other casinos have been specially set up as Bitcoin online casinos, where Bitcoin is the only approved payment option. The Bitcoin casinos are not limited to just online casinos, there are also mobile casinos offering Bitcoin payments and also software specific casinos using Bitcoin as their payment choice such as the Betsoft an RTG Bitcoin casinos. Bitcoins can be used as payment for all the different games and especially the Live Dealer casinos where Bitcoins can be used to instantly place bets and allow the player to instantly join the Bitcoin Live Dealer Casino.

Use Bitcoins for Bitcoin Tournaments

In addition to the casino games, players can also use Bitcoin for making deposits when wanting to play in one of the Bitcoin tournaments. The Bitcoin tournaments run regularly at the different casinos and allow the player to enjoy all the benefits of a real money casino game without having to spend huge amounts of money. The player either wins the sum of the bets placed or wins the prize or part of the prize that the casino has dedicated to the tournaments.

Bitcoin Bonuses and Promotions

Casinos that use Bitcoin as their payment options also offer special bonuses and promotions just for the Bitcoins. There are Bitcoin welcome bonus offers giving players more value for the Bitcoins that the invest and there are also ongoing Bitcoin bonuses that enhance the players games and give him more value for money. Playing the casino games using Bitcoin has so many benefits apart from the convenience and security that it is a good idea to get Bitcoins and set up a Bitcoin wallet as soon as possible.