A Small Introduction to Online Slot Machines

Slot machines were once known as one armed bandits but today they are more classically known as slots or pokies. These games are by far the most popular of all of the slots games offered at the online casinos. There are many types of slots with different features per game and many different themes, each one giving the player an experience that he will never forget and one that he will come back to time and time again.

Three Reel Classic Slots Games

The classic slots machines are also considered as three reel slots. Players should not be mistaken in thinking that these games only include single paylines, that is definitely not the case. The classic slots games include single and multiple paylines and there are a number of extra features such as wild symbols, nudges, bonus games on the screen and off the screen. The video slots are by definition the more involved games that also include wilds, scatters and bonus games. These games have on and off-screen bonuses, there are free spins and there are consecutive winning options. Players can place bets on single paylines or multiple paylines and are given a choice of coin sizes that depend on the budget they have available to them.

Progressive Slots Games

When starting to think about playing online slots the progressive games must also be looked at. Progressive games are games that are played in the same way as the regular slots game with the addition of being able to win the progressive jackpot from landing a configuration of symbols if it is a standard progressive jackpot game and if it is a random progressive jackpot game the player can win the progressive jackpot at any time. Some of the progressive jackpot games offer the player many progressive jackpots that can be won at any time when playing the game.

Choices and Random Number Generators

Winning slots games is based on luck. Each game is controlled by a random number generator that randomly churns out the results of the game. The player in some cases can choose to stop the spinning reels before the game comes to a natural halt or he can wait for the game to come to a natural halt. The only area of the slots games that the player can control is when he chooses how much to bet on each spin and how many coins he wants to place per spin in addition to how many paylines he bets on. This is a significant choice for any slots game as it directly affects the outcome of the game. The player can check the paytable of the different games that he is choosing to play before committing to the game to know what is in store for him and which are the important symbols to look out for. The bottom line when playing slots is that the player must do his utmost to have a good time and enjoy himself and at the same time he will win some great payouts.