Different Bets for Different Folks at 5Dimes

5 Dimes is a casino and it is a sports book where players can enjoy casino games at the same time as placing live bets on live sports games. The world of online sports betting has developed greatly over the past decade and it is fast becoming the most popular method of sports betting. With this development there has also been a development in the type of bets that are offered at the sports book. The opportunities are endless and give every potential bettor a chance to find a type of bet that suits his requirements and love of sports.

The Reliable and Popular Straight Bet

The most common type of bet is the straight bet. This is a direct bet on a player or a sports team that they will win or lose the game they are playing. The straight bet has variations that allow the player to bet using points on a number of games that will put him in minus and plus based on the wins and losses. The final outcome is calculated based on the point result that is calculated. These totals are often the preferred method for many bettors because they give the player more opportunities to enjoy multiple games.

Parlay and Teaser Bets

The parlay bet is another choice for some players that allows him to bet on a number of teams and the overall outcome of these teams. There are group parlays on different competitions and progressive parlays that continue for a number of days on a number of games. The teaser is a cute way of incorporating a number of straight bets in one and these teasers can also be carried over to different days and a few different competition. It is a way of grouping the straight bets. And bettors that carry on with the teasers for a number of days , re-betting their winnings are considered to be using progressive teasers.

Pleasers and Progressive Pleasers

The last type of bet that is very popular apart from the specialist betting is the pleaser. This is a group of side straight bets basically the player takes a few teams that he wants to bet on and collectively bets on the outcome of the group of bets. Progressive pleasers continue from one bet to another and the total outcome of the choices of the player and results is worked out. There are a number of other different more specific bets that identify individual teams or games or players within a game and this are straight win and lose bets. In addition a player might like to pool together with other players and make a joint bet on a team or player or an outcome, this pool betting is becoming more popular because it spreads the wins and losses of the player and reduces the risks involved.

Understanding the Bet

At the 5Dimes sports book and casino each type of bet is offered with comprehensive details on how to place the bet and what it involves. There is no such thing as blind betting when playing at a sports book. The management make sure that players understand everything about the bet and all the possibilities, full disclosure is very important and ensures the security of each player.