Neds Ads Deemed Contraversial Yet Again

Neds the relatively new Australian bookies has yet again come under investigation by the Australian Standards Bureau who have made them pull yet another advertisement that appeared online and on you tube. The latest ad to be pulled featured a man getting into a life and hitting all the buttons on the lift so that he would have more time for gambling. Some may think that this is a creative form of advertising whereas others understand that it implies excessive gambling, which is how the ASB saw the ad and hence the instruction to pull it. The previous ad from Neds that had to be pulled features house builders spending more time gambling that building houses. Again the implications of this were not liked by the Standards Bureau and the ad was axed.

Creative Advertising

Neds are trying to be creative with their different ads and so far since their opening have created a number of different ads that have been criticized and commented on, but one thing is for sure, they definitely make a statement. One of the ads that actually did not have to be pulled was a man waiting for his girlfriend in the changing rooms of a shop where he continually gave her more items to try on enabling him to have more time to view the different betting options and place bets using Neds bookies. There is a fine line between creativity and excessive information or gambling in this industry and Ned seemed to have overstepped the mark a number of times but that does not stop them from keeping on and producing more and more ads.