Introduces Easy and Rewarding New Tri Card Poker Game

Slots.LV is all for innovation and keeps players interested and excited with new games being offered on a regular basis. The latest new game introduced by is the Tri Card Poker game. Any player who is familiar with the standard poker hands will find this game not only easy to play but enjoyable and hopefully rewarding too.

Understanding How to Play Tri Card Poker

The game is very simple to play. The aim of the game is for the player to beat the hand, ie hold a higher hand than that of the dealer. The dealer in this case is the casino run and controlled by a random number generator. The player places his initial bet called the Ante and then he is dealt three cards face up and the dealer receives three cards face down. If the player thinks he has a good hand he will raise his bet by doubling the ante that he placed. If the player does not like his hand he can fold and lose his initial bet called surrendering. Once the player has made his decision the game progresses. The player who places another bet will then see the dealers cards revealed and the winner is decided. If the player has a higher poker hand than the dealer then he is of course the winner. The dealer needs a queen high hand to quality. There are many different strategies associated with this game offering different combinations of what will bring in the best winning hand and choices but the bottom line should always be if the player holds a queen and higher then he should definitely keep his hand.

The Side Pair Plus Bet

In addition to the main hand of Tri Card poker there is also an additional side bet. The bet is placed on landing a pair or more no matter whether the player wins the poker hand. If the player lands three consecutive hands called a straight flush he wins a huge payout of 40:1. This new Tri Card Poker game is a breath of fresh air in the choice of heavy poker games. It is quick and easy to play and offers players wide betting options making it a suitable game for all levels of players with all levels of budget.