Important Facts to Understand When Playing at 5Dimes Casino

5 Dimes Casino is a legal and binding casino which means that any playing agreeing to play at this casino will abide by the law of the casino and the local country that he is playing from. Different countries have different rules pertaining to gambling and it is important that the player is aware of all restrictions in his country of residence. By agreeing to play at the casino the player is also agreeing to receive any updates from the casino in terms of products, services, promotions and even payout options. The casino reserves the right to change his policies at any time but with notification to players.

Understanding the Legal Issues

Players at the 5Dimes Casino must be 18 years of age or older and by completing registration the player is in fact agreeing and confirming that he is of legal age. Players must create a unique password with their user name that will be used as their access point to the casino. It is recommended to change the password every 60 days to ensure full security. The casino uses security authentication systems and strongly suggests that all players also employ systems in order to fully protect the user from any form of internet fraud. Users that make deposits with Bitcoin are required to install the security authentication systems before starting to use Bitcoins at the casino.

Good Practices

The casino reserves the right to terminate any relationship at any time whether for monetary or behavioral issues. The casino also reserves the right to limit the activities and betting options of a player if they feel it is necessary for any number of reasons. The systems put in place by the casino are designed to help and protect the player. If the player does have any issues with any of the systems he can contact the live support team who are able to help and advise and consult on any of the issues that have arisen. The casino management cares about its players and has put systems in place to make sure that each and every player has the optimal experience in the best conditions possible and with the least concerns. All of the security and monitory systems that are in place apply to the downloaded casino and the flash casino.