It's A Bingo Goal at Ignition Casino

Thanks to the ingenuity of Bingo Casino there are no more boring bingo games and each game is more and more exciting and user friendly than the next. The latest addition to Bingo at Ignition Casino is the Bingo Goal game. This has a distinct World Cup soccer theme with a background of a lush green soccer field. Players can place a minimum bet of $0.10 that purchases them from 1 to 4 bingo cards. Each card has 15 numbers on it.

Rules of Play

Once the player is ready to play, he receives at random 30 soccer balls each with a different number on them. The player needs to match the soccer ball numbers to those on his cards and if he lands a match of 8 numbers he is a winner. If the player is close to winning he has the option of buying 12 more balls in the hope that he can win the payout. This game also includes a reshuffle option making it one of the most exciting and rewarding and enjoyable bingo games to date.