Ozzy Osbourne Leads the Way as New Ambassador at Metal Casino

If you haven't heard about Metal Casino that was launched in August of this year, then you surely will now that Ozzy Osbourne has teamed with the casino to be its brand ambassador. In fact, Osbourne who is considered to be the father and leader of hard rock believes in the casino so much that he has bough a share in this heavy casino. What makes this casino different from any other online casino is that it is aimed at the hard and heavy rock fans. Players at the casino can enjoy not only a wide variety of excellent casino games with real bonuses and real winning options but they can also win concert tickets, backstage passes and band merchandise of the best rock bands in the world.

Why Osbourne is a Good Choice for the Casino

Ozzy Osbourne has sold over 100 million records in his career both as the lead singer of the Black Sabbath heavy metal band and also in his solo career that he succeed with for over a decade. During his career Osbourne has also won three Grammy awards that testify to his fantastic talent and fan following. It is a very smart move by the Metal Casino to partner with Osbourne who believes that this casino is offer the biggest, boldest and the most hardcore games to its players. This new casino welcomes players with a heavy bonus offer that matches the first two deposits made up to the value of 3000 metacoins and this is just the start of the many special offers that the player receives as part of this hard and heavy casino. The management of the casino believe, and rightly so, that they have snagged the best sponsorship in the world with Ozzy Osbourne at the head of the casino making it much more than just another casino. The management believe that this casino will turn into a global community for heavy metal fans and that every player who joins this casino will benefit not just from the games and bonuses but also from the link that it provides with Osbourne and the world of heavy metal and rock.