Ignition Has Jaw Dropping Rewards

Ignition Casino is back and ready to roll with a new rewards system that everyone - new player and old player alike - can take advantage of. This highly-trafficked casino site is tailor-made for the serious gamer, so head to the website, download the casino software and start gaming your heart away. If you’re a loyal customer from the past, you’ll appreciate the new look it unveiled recently, which makes the site much easier to navigate and easier on the eyes. Of course, the very much-improved features is also a selling point - what are you waiting for? Join today!

Some of the things that await you inside are the Rewards Program; it brings a lot of bonuses and added features to whoever signs up - enrollment is automatic, too, so you won’t have to jump through any hoops emailing various administrators with requests. You’ll be delighted at the special bonuses to which you’re privy as a member of Ignition Casino. All it takes to is to play for real cash, and monitor how much you bet on slots. Maximize the number of paylines you play, while varying the coin amount on each line.

Cash bonuses are what keep people coming back for those Ignition Rewards. Your tally is kept in something called Ignition Miles; this is similar to the way you may earn airport miles with your credit cards or banking lender. The more you play, the more Miles you earn and the higher you move up in the Rewards Program. During your run through all that Ignition has to offer, you’ll be awarded opportunities to capture smaller cash bonuses, all the while building up your tally. There are Weekly Rewards, too, so make sure you check in at least twice weekly to catch the beginning and tail ends of some fantastic perks. The Weekly Matches that deliver such grand prizes are not to be missed.

Everything here is set up for you to win. Your dashboard displays your Status Level, Points Balance and everything else that’s relevant to your visit to Ignition Casino. As the points pile up, you’ll realize that playing with House Cash to fund your wins and losses is the way to go. It affords you an enhanced opportunity to come out ahead since the more you play any slot, the greater your chances of hitting the jackpot. Take advantage of Ignition Rewards by signing up today.