Sit Back Enjoy Cafe Casino and Gain Perks

New to the fabulous Cafe Casino is the option for earning perks. Players do not have to do anything extra in order to earn perks. All they have to do is join the casino start playing games for real money and then they will see themselves working their way up the Casino Perks levels called tiers. The Perks are the loyalty club of Cafe Casino. Players automatically join at the first level as soon as they become approved and registered members at the casino. Once casino members and starting to deposit money at the casino, the player begins to earn points. These points are part of the perks that the player can use.

What the Player Receives from the Perks Club

As a member of the Cafe Casino the player joins at the first level where he receives 10% cashback on every deposit made and in addition when he has accumulated 2500 points he can start converting the points for real money. In fact at this level every 2500 points earned gives the player $1. As the player carries on playing the exciting casino games at the Cafe Casino he earns more points and works his way through the 8 different levels. The top level called Tier 8 rewards players with an 18% cash back on all deposits made and in addition the player receives $1 for every 1000 points earned. Other bonuses of being members of the perks club include weekly bonuses and special exclusive promotions. The more a player enjoys the casino games the more he benefits from the gifts and special promotions given in the perks club. Other advantages of this new loyalty club include being able to redeem cash immediately and also being able to check the status of the of points and bonuses instantly. The player never loses his status and can always come back to the casino after a long break at the same status that he was previously granted. It is a win win loyalty club at the Cafe Casino that really does offer so many perks.