My Slots Rewards

When joining Slots.LV , the player is not just joining a casino he is joining a community where he can enjoy some wonderful games, great promotions and a newly vamped rewards club. The brand new My Slots Rewards automatically joins new players to the rewards club and players work their way up the different tiers of the club earning more loyalty points, benefits and bonuses. The more a player enjoys the casino and all that it has to offer, the more rewards points he earns and the more he gains from the casino and the rewards club. What is special about this rewards club is that the player never loses the level he is on, he starts at the initial level and works his way up the eight levels according to how much he spends at the casino at each level.

How to Use the My Slots Rewards Program

Players earn points for every dollar that they spend at the casino and these points accumulate rewards that can be swapped for real money at any time. Each level offers the player more and more bonuses and benefits with cash backs on losses, special competitions and higher betting and withdrawal limits. The player never drops a level, once he has achieved a level he stays at that level and works his way further. The player can also track his reward through an easy to use portal and also receive updates and special offers direct to his email. The my rewards club is a special feature of the casino and it gives the player so much more than he would normally get and is truly beneficial to the player whatever level he is on.