Feel the Turbo Speed at Ignition Casino with the Turbo Charged Poker Series

Ignition Casino has already started the qualifying rounds for the main event in this brand new special turbo charged poker series at Ignition Casino. Players who are familiar with the Poker games at the Ignition Casino will be pleasantly surprised to learn that for the duration of this special offer the weekly tournament giveaways have increased to $11200. But there is more, this special turbo charged poker series allows players to try out in the qualifying rounds already to start in the tournament from December 2nd. The qualifying rounds cost as little as $1 and there is as much as $1million dollars that has been invested in this special event.

Details About the Main Event

The main event starts on December 10th at 5.12 pm and offers the top prize of $200000. Players who don’t want to enter the qualifying rounds can just buy in to the main event at a cost of $450. This main event has a huge prize pool and offers players who don’t like the slow progress of normal poker series a fast-paced action-packed event where the blinds go faster with fast hands and fast money. This $1 million giveaway is not to be missed and will give players a real pre-holiday challenge and excitement.