Be Part of Leaderboards, Earn More and Enjoy More

Leaderboards are the latest way to enjoy a casino and get more value for money spent. The new leaderboard feature at the Bovada Casino does not interfere in regular game play, it is an addition that gives players points and hopefully wins them more money. Joining a leaderboard means that you are competing with other players at the casino for a top place on the leaderboard. There is no extra cost to joining a leaderboard, it is free and it does not detract from the regular winnings that a player anticipates on the standard games.

How to Be Part of the Leaderboard

Players who want to join the leaderboard do so very simply. All they have to do is opt in for the leaderboard that takes their fancy. All of the leaderboard options are detailed on the leaderboard page. Players earn points not just for betting on different slots and other games but also for winning more. The longer a player enjoys a game the more he can win. The leaderboard runs live and players can see their names up on the leaderboard as soon as they join. At present the games offered at Bovada casino that are part of the leaderboard are Fast & Sexy , A Night with Cleo, Bulletproof Babes and New Blackjack. Players who choose to play any of these games will earn points and the more points they earn they higher they will appear on the leaderboard. The leaderboard does not carry on forever, it has a time limit and once the time limit is up the leader is declared and he wins the prize that was predetermined at the beginning of the time period. This new type of competition adds so much to the player without him having to do anything extra or incur any extra cost. It is a perfect way to get more out of the casino games and each time different games may be offered as part of the leaderboard.