No Deposit Bonuses

Hallmark Casino is known for many things, apart from the excellent choice of casino games, the fabulous setting and the full support and service that this casino offers its players there are also many promotions to enjoy. The promotions start the second that the player joins the casino and has completed registration and even before he has made his first deposits at the casino. Enjoying the casino is made all them more easier with the fantastic choice of no deposit bonuses and match up promotions that this casino offers to its players.

Promotions Using Different Deposit Options

As a new player to the casino, the player may choose his method of deposit at the casino. This can be by using Bitcoin, the secure and trusted virtual currency. Players that use Bitcoin receive a match up bonus offer of between 400-450% on their first deposit made. Players that use the new QBDirect deposit option benefit from a match up bonus of between 300-350% on the first deposit made. But the real bonuses and benefits are given in the many different seasonal offers. For the week surrounding Father's Day, players receive 50 free spins and a match up bonus of 325%. The summer months gives players a $25 free chip with a 250% match up bonus offer and there are many other promotions and special offers. In order to make use of these offers and no deposit bonuses, players must enter the code for each offer that is detailed with the offer. Without the special code, that acts like a voucher, the player cannot receive his bonus offer.

No Deposit Bonus Chips and More from the VIP Club

In addition to the many promotions, no deposit bonuses and special offers there is also a VIP club. Players can start at the lowest bronze level and work their way up the different levels earning more benefits the more they play at Hallmark casino. Entry at the first bronze level gives the player a $50 free chip to use at the casino in addition to 15% cashback on all losses. The higher the level of the VIP club the player progresses through, the better benefits he receives and at the top level he receives a $1000 welcome chip in addition to $300 cashback on all losses. Enjoying this casino and all the benefits it offers actually enhances the time the player is at the casino and gives him more value for money.

Bonuses are the Icing on the Cake at Casinos

If the player thinks that a casino is good, once he sees the many different bonuses and rewards given, he will think that the casino is the best. The bonuses and promotions can be thought of as the icing on the cake, the cake is delicious and soft and easy to eat but with the icing it is just that much sweeter and more delicious giving just that much more to make it a superb cake, well casino. Each casino has many different types of rewards and promotions that are changed on a regular basis and it is up to the player to check on the promotions in order to choose the right ones for him that fit in his budget. It is important to remember that in order to receive any of these promotions, the player must make use of the unique bonus codes that are associated with each promotion. Each bonus has its own promotional code and it is up to the player to copy the code accurately in order to receive the promotion on a timely basis.

Welcome Bonuses and Packages

Every new player at the casino is welcomed with a special bonus whether he has joined the casino online or through a mobile device. The welcome packages vary from casino to casino and sometimes they vary within the casino if the player is intending on playing certain casino games. Examples of the promotions are match up offers to a certain percentage and amount, free spins to use on a variety of casino games and even a free hour to play the casino games with a budget given. Some of the welcome packages give just one deposit match up offer and others give the player a whole package over a series of deposits. There are even casinos that give the player a no deposit bonus as soon as he has completed the sign up and registration process. This gives the player a head starts at the casino and a chance to get to know the casino games before he invests his own money at the casino.

Bonus Codes for Existing Players

Once the player has made use of the welcome bonus offer, he can start enjoying the many bonuses and rewards given for existing players. These include further match up offers, free spins, daily promotions and there are also competitions and tournaments. For each of these bonuses there is a special code that the player must enter in order to receive his bonus. Without the code, the player will not receive his bonus. The many different bonuses that are daily, weekly and monthly offers are updated frequently and it is up to the player to check on them on a regular basis and make sure that he has all the details and especially copies the bonus code correctly.

Payment Bonuses Including Bitcoin Bonus Codes

The casinos offer a variety of methods for making secure and direct deposits. Some of these deposit options work together with the casino to offer the player a special extra bonus for banking methods when making the first deposit. This extra bonus is also given with a bonus code and the player must copy the code accurately in order to receive his bonus. Bitcoin deposits are best known for their special bonuses that casinos give, encouraging the player to use Bitcoin and these are given through Bitcoin bonus codes that the player must copy accurately.

VIP Membership and Loyalty Programs

Some of the casinos offer players special loyalty programs where they earn points for every deposit that is made and when enough of these points have been accumulated, the player can swap the points for real money. There are also special VIP membership clubs where the player is asked to join when he reaches a certain level. Through the VIP membership the player benefits from further promotions and rewards, slots bonuses, card and table bonuses and bonuses for special days and holidays that can really give the player a boost. The many different promotions given through the loyalty programs give the player further boosts and more money and time to enjoy the wide selection of casino games.

Using the Bonus Codes and Time Limits

In order to use the bonuses that are given at any casino, the player must copy accurately the bonus codes. The bonus codes change from time and it is important that the player checks on the updates of each bonus and copies the details accurately in order to use the bonus. Some of the bonuses last for a long time and some have a very limited time and it is so important for the player to make sure he has all of the details and the correct information before relying on a bonus, if he does not receive it in the end. The bonuses at any casino are designed to enhance the time and money that the player has at the casino and they give him more value for the money he invests in the casino.