World Cup O’ Slots 10000 Cash Prize Giveaway

The World Cup has started and it is only natural that not only is everyone talking about it and watching it but they are also complimenting it with giveaways and special promotions. This month at the focus is most definitely on the World Cup with a fantastic $10000 prize draw in additional to smaller weekly prize draws of 4100 each. This special prize draw is running from June 15th until the 28th for the moment until further notice and anyone who places real money bets on slots games can join.

Any Player Can Join With Multiple Entries Possible

The special prize draw is for any player. All that the player needs to do is play slots and make real money deposits and he will automatically receive one entry per deposit that he makes at the casino on slots. If the player also refers a friend to the casino and the special prize draw, an extra entry will be awarded. The player has unlimited entries and this means he as unlimited chances of winning. The prize draw is made up of two parts. For every main entry to the big prize draw, players also receive a smaller prize draw for the weekly giveaway sum of $100. This is given on a weekly basis in addition to the big prize draw. With anyone being able to enter and multiple entries being allowed, this is going to be one of the biggest and most exciting prize draws yet to match the excitement of the World Cup.