Make Bets for the Grammy Awards

Bovada is not just an online casino it is a whole entertainment center where visitors can enjoy a wide selection of online casino games and more the point for the relevant time can place bets on who will be the winner of the big four Grammy awards. The Grammy awards that normally take place in Los Angeles have moved to New York city this year and members of Bovada can place their bets on who will be the winning names this year. The 60th Annual Grammy awards are being held with great pomp and style and everyone, music lovers or not will be eagerly waiting to see who the lucky winners are.

Top Four Categories of the Grammy Awards

The four main categories are Song of the Year, Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Best New Artist. The odds are up at Bovada casino for each of the big four categories. Jay Z seems to have the most popularity with the number of nominations he has been put up for, numbering 8 and Kendrick Lamar is trailing behind him with 7 nominations. The newcomer Alessia who stems from Brampton Ohio is the favorite for the best new artist with odds of -200 . The song of the year is politically correct with the phone number of the National Suicide Prevention number in the title - 18002738255. This song has odds of -150. It seems that Kendrick Lamar is the favorite for Album of the Year with his Damn album. All will be revealed on Sunday in New York and anyone wanting to place a bet should hurry to do so at Bovada casino where they will get a 50% bonus and enjoy some wonderful music at the same time.