Highlander Slots

December is a month of surprises and excitement for everyone and especially for the online casino world. In early December, Microgaming are releasing their new slots game that is based on the iconic movie Highlander. This new slots game that has five reels and 243 ways to win and will be filled with exciting new features is built around the story line of the Highlander movie. In this movie from the 1980's an immortal Scottish swordsman flits between New York City and the beautiful hills and valleys of Scotland. Players will just love the rich graphics of this game and the exciting features that it offers thanks to the new license that Microgaming acquired enabling them to provide its players and casinos with yet another high quality and exciting slots game.

Excitement Rises Towards the Official Release Date

The official release of the Highland slots game is December 6th 2017 but there will be a lot of press before that date with plenty of options for the player to try the game and learn more about the special features that the game will contain. The background of the game is set in a stormy hillside in Scotland and there are scenes from the movie included in the game that add to the total atmosphere and fun that is included. This promises to be yet another hit slots game from Microgaming.