That Phantom of the Opera Lives Online and In Slots

1st of November is the start of the happy season, it is the season of shows and thanksgiving, of shopping and good wild. The 1st November will also be remembered as the day the new The Phantom of the Opera slots game was launched. The new Phantom of the Opera slots game is a lively five reel game that has 243 ways to win. This game contains many excerpts from the original music score of the 2004 movie that grossed millions. Players will enjoy reminiscing and seeing the Phantom in his theater and many of the original scenes pop up as symbols.

Two Random Features

As expected of a good quality slots game, this game includes many excellent bonus options. Players will enjoy the random letter bonus feature that is activated when the letter appears on reel 5. This is to remember the letters that the phantom sent to the manager of the theater pleading to stay. The letter bonus awards the player random cash prizes. The chandelier bonus is also random and it is activated totally at random when the Phantom in his anger cuts down the chandelier. On screen players will see the chandelier smashing and turning two to three reels wild giving the player more payouts.

A Choice of Three Different Bonus Games

Three of the scatter symbols trigger the bonus feature where the player is invited to choose one out of three of the bonus options. The Masquerade bonus game gives players a chance to rise from level one to level three by picking the right icons, the player can choose to stay on the first level and take his winnings or progress. The Music of the Night bonus game gives players 10 free spins during which extra wilds and special wilds are added and the player can win more free spins. The third bonus game is the All I Ask of You bonus during which players receive 10 free spins also but with a special dancing wilds feature. Christine and Raoul are seen dancing across the screen and where they come to land they can award different wild symbols and therefore wild payouts for the player. Players may be distracted at first by the beautiful music of this slots game but after playing it for fun they will get used to the music and be able to enjoy the music and enjoy the game while hoping to reap the benefits at the same time.