RTG's New Shooting Game

Fish Catch is the name of the newest slots from Real Time Gaming that is due to be launched on December 12th of this year, just in time for the run up to Christmas. This brand new game is unlike any other slots game before, it allows up to four players to enjoy the game and fight against each other trying to shoot the most amount of fish. Players pick one out of four of the spots available and compete against other players to shoot the most number of fish and earn the most points. There are twenty different fish int his ocean and each fish has a different value. Players may chat with other players while they are shooting adding a social aspect to this very colorful and active game.

Dive, Shoot and Fish to Win

Each player is invited to choose one out of five different weapons in order to catch fish, the weapons have different fire powers and each fire power relates to a different multiplier award. The stronger the fire power the greater the award but also the greater the cost to the player. Each fish has a different amount assigned to it in addition and players can win up to 1000x the coin bet placed when shooting fish with high values from a super powerful gun. Apart from the standard shoot out that is incredible fun, there is also a random mermaids luck option that can trigger at any time and this gives the player the potential to win up to 250x the coin bet placed for that particular spin. This game is unlike anything that has hit the screens before and promises to be one of the most successful and enjoyable games from Real Time Gaming yet. The 12th December is not far off and players are gearing up to get ready, dive into the ocean, chat and shoot the fish.