Slots and Jackpots

Landing on the 888 Casino website for the first time is a joy. That dark background doesn't look good on every site it appears on, but it sure does look great on this one. You can also read about the £88 deal you get as FreePlay credits when you sign up.

But before you consider doing just that, it's worth looking at the many treats that are with you in the menu. This is found to the left of the main imagery on the site, so it doesn't get in your way. If you land on the home page of 888 Casino, you will spot the slots and jackpots section just underneath that option in the menu. Are you ready to explore with us?

Explore some new games first

These games appear at the top of the section. You'll see a handful of them, all marked as new. We spotted Hall of the Mountain King, Arcane Reel Chaos, The French Reelvolution, and Respin Rhino Slots. Are those four of the best names for slot games you have ever heard? We sure think so.

Beyond that, you get news of some daily jackpot games. The daily jackpot amount currently available is shown on the slots and jackpots page, along with the time remaining until it must pay out. Sounds intriguing? It certainly is.

Watch out for current totals on all jackpot games

If a slot has a progressive jackpot involved, the current total will be shown underneath the image and title for that game. Some of them are worth a few hundred or thousand pounds. One we saw when visiting - Aztec Realm - had reached over £1 million! Wouldn't you love to be the person who scoops that? Makes you wonder how much higher it will go, too, doesn't it?

Select JACKPOT to view only those games

The slots and jackpot area should be viewed as a window into this huge collection. The best way to look through only those slots with a jackpot involved is to make that selection at the top of the page. If you do it right, a green tick will appear next to JACKPOT and the word itself will turn green. Cool!

There are lots of slots to choose from that have progressive jackpots too. Watch out for Mermaid's Millions, Millionaire Genie, Voyage of the Vikings, and Ray of Light. Some of those have huge seven-figure prizes available - at least they did when we visited 888 Casino.

Sign up to play

There is no chance of playing a demo until you have an account at 888 Casino. However, don't forget the £88 freebie you will get when you sign up. Read the rules relating to that deal so you know how it works. Once you sign up and get your account, you can check out the various games on the site and choose which one you are going to get started with. Where will your journey take you at 888 Casino?