Cubee is one of the cutest slots symbols to hit the screens in the past year. He is a yellow fluffy square with a big smile and a hungry tummy. Cubee sits at one side of the screen with his enemy sitting at the other, Rocco. This game does not have traditional paylines but rather symbols that are thrown out of a ball of energy and react in a different way depending on their size. Cubee is a time traveler that starts in the Stone Age, followed by the Era of Piracy and then the Viking Age before Cubee gets home to Cubeeland. Cubee survives based on the energy that he gains from swallowing his enemies and if they are bigger than him, he does not receive any energy. Payouts are also given based on the number of symbols that Cubee manages to eat.

Try Out Cubee for Fun

This colorful game can be played for fun which is very necessary for any player that does not understand the concept of the game. Bets are offered in varying sizes and part of the bet is taken towards the random progressive jackpot that grows at the side of the screen and can be won at any time. The concept of Cubee is so new and unique that it will take players time to get to know and understand how it works. Cubee’s main enemy is Rocco the big blue bully who sits at the side of the screen opposite Cubee. Cubee needs to defeat Rocco in order to proceed to the next level of the game. In the first stage of the game different symbols are thrown out of the energy ball that include yellow Spike, blue Lucifer, red Bones and green Casper. If Cubee has more energy than these guys, he swallows them up and gains more energy by expanding and growing.

Three Different Levels Earning Free Spins and Multipliers

After a few successful spins in the first level of the Stone Age and by defeating Rocco by hitting him with enough stone mallets, the player moves with Cubee to the second level which is the Era of Piracy. In this level cannons and swords replace the different colored characters and again eight symbols are thrown out each spin giving Cubee a chance to increase his energy. In this level the cannons fire each time they appear on the screen, giving the player free spins for every successful hit. The free spins are only played in the Cubeeland level. The piracy level continues for several spins until the sword symbols on the screen have managed to defeat Rocco and then the player moves to the Viking level where the player will see both Cubee and the enemy Rocco dressed in Viking armor together with the colorful characters. In this level bows and arrows are shot at different targets giving the player multipliers for the free spins and the player sees Rocco being defeated by Viking hammers. The final level is Cubeeland where the free spins are played. This game although having the title of slots is more like a story with its different levels and options where the Cubee must beat his enemy. Cubee is a fun, rewarded and totally different game to play that takes some getting used to.