The Incredible Max Quest Cinematic Slots

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Cinematic Slots redefines gaming, a game of this proportions and cinematography has never been seen before. This is more like a full blown story with 3D interaction that sees Max, the handsome explorer and fighter travelling through Ancient Egypt where he comes across all sorts of mystery and danger, on ground and deep in the tombs of Egypt. Players will glimpse scenes of the pyramids mixed with scenes underground where ancient treasures can be found but are guarded by evil mummies that come alive. This slots game is totally interactive and is more like watching a movie as players progress through the different levels of the game and work their way through the winning options and the very special free spins and bonus games. This is much more than a regular slot and the player will become totally immersed in this game and feel that he himself is in Egypt with the ancient wonders of the world and the modern technologies of gaming.

A thing Or Two About Betsoft

If you are ardent, online casino player, you are blessed to have so many powerful and premiere, online gaming engines at your disposal. And while there is no doubt that many of these gaming engines are quite nice, make no mistake about it, Betsoft, is truly in a class all of its own. Ever since coming onto the scene back in 1999, Betsoft has been churning out, one hit slot game after another.

Betsoft continues to make its bread and butter with visually stunning games that can be their own masterpieces. These highly interactive five reels games, normally follow character driven story arcs, including captivating soundtracks and intuitive bonus rounds. To help bring out the best in the slot games, Betsoft gets the most out of the mighty flash engine. Thanks to flash, all of these highly, visual and technologically involved games become easy for you to play either straight online, or you can elect to download the games to your computer or the mobile device of your choice. While they continue to take your breath away with compelling 3D slot games, Betsoft is in the habit of churning out hit table games.

The Best Online Casinos To Play Max Quest: Wrath Of Ra

Egyptian mythology games are very quietly picking up steam in the online casino scene. It shouldn't come as any surprise that more and more online casinos are opting to pick up this popular genre, including Max Quest: Wrath Of Ra.

My Bookie Casino Has Max Quest: Wrath Of Ra

The Best Sites to play Max Quest: Wrath Of Ra, include My Bookie Casino. In many ways, its safe to say that My Bookie Casino has it all. It has well over a hundred premiere slot games at your beck and call. While it is easy to get lost in the slot games, don't overlook the many table games this casino has to offer as well. Roulette and poker make such a strong presence here that there are also an entire section here just for video poker. Table game lovers are in store for even more special treat with the live dealer section. With the live dealer, there is a young and beautiful hostess, who is standing by to deal what could be your winning hand.

My Bookie even boasts a powerful sports book section where you can play a wager on all the major, North American sports, and other sports like golf, tennis and boxing. Heck you can even place a bet on American politics. Last but not least, there is a highly involved, race book section here at My Bookie Casino. Hang out all day at the virtual race track, betting on your favorite horses.

Drake Casino Finally Has Max Quest: Wrath Of Ra

There are online casinos that need to get pumped up, and then there are online casinos like Drake Casino which needs no introduction. Drake Casino has good reason to get into the Max Quest sweepstakes. On its own merit, Drake Casino continues to deliver, nothing but the best in slot game entertainment, by Betsoft Gaming and Arrow's Edge.

Drake Casino offers the best in slot game play for both desktop computer users and mobile gamers. In fact, Drake Casino has a special mobile casino section. It is especially optimized for Apple device users. Drake also excels when it comes to the promotions for both new members and veteran members alike. There is also the Drake's loyalty club. To say that loyalty is king, is an understatement. There are more than a dozen individual loyalty levels. Has Max Quest: Wrath Of Ra

Welcome to Betcoin Casino, one of the premiere online casinos that is rich not only with slot games, but table games as well. There are scores of prominent five reel, interactive slot games. When it comes to the table games, there is a full compliment of blackjack titles and fan favorite, casino games. There is even an entire section just for video poker enthusiasts. What's more, there is a captivating live casino where a beautiful hostess is standing by to deal what could be your winning hand. There is even a high powered sports book section here.

The Power Of Egyptian Themed Games

As you sink your teeth into the magnitude of Max Quest and its larger than life, cinematic qualities, you will find that there are many great, Egyptian themed games on the market. Betsoft is also the proud architect of A Night With Cleo, a brazen, five reel slot game with cinema like features that takes you right into the bed chamber of the legendary, Egyptian queen herself. The name of the game is to play your cards right, where you might even get to the experience the lovely, Egyptian queen in the nude.

Amun Ra Is Here To Stay

Experience the power of the fabled, Amun Ra with the appropriately named slot game, Amun Ra, a dazzling five reel game which embodies everything of ancient, Egypt. The graphics are quite nice and sharp. The game play takes you right into the heart of the Egyptian tomb. There is a powerful free spins round where you play with 10 free spins with the chance of winning more free spins.

Amun's Book - The Legend Continues

The power of Amun Ra is so strong that it can't be contained in one slot. The legend of Amun Ra continues with Amun's Book, the next exciting chapter that further highlights the burgeoning power of Egyptian style slots. To say the game play and the visuals are life like, is an understatement. You take on the mantle of a female explorer in search of treasure. Amun's Book features yet again, a strong free spins round. In the free spins round, 10 free games are up for play with an expanded wild. Even more, you can win additional free spins.

Anubis Slots Lives On

Another important and powerful God, in the Egyptian mythology, is Anubis. The undisputed God of the underworld, Anubis Slots makes his presence felt in this five reel, video slot adventure. Anubis Slots features a mega free spins round, where you can easily play up to 500 free spins. There are even four jackpots to be won here as well.