Roll the Dice

Most dice games are not given the attention they deserve because players may think that they are too simple but this is a huge mistake. The games may be dependent on luck and not skill but that does not make them less exciting than any other casino game. And this brand new dice game called Roll the Dice is the perfect example of an excellent casino game that is not only exciting and fun to play but can also be extremely rewarding. Players can enjoy this game in the fun mode but will soon not that it is not necessary because it is so easy and fun in the real money mode. The dice in this game are not regular dice, each side of the three dice is covered with animals and one triple symbol. the animals include fish, prawn, crab, rooster, calabash and a coin. Players place bets on the different symbols hoping to land at least one of them.

How to Win With the Animal Dice

While the player is placing his bets that can vary from $1 up to $500 the dice are hiding under a bowl on the screen. Once the bets have been placed the player sits back and waits for the three dice to roll and see the results. If the player has placed a bet on a particular symbol and one of them appears, he receives a payout of 1:1 against his bet placed. If the player is lucky enough that two of his chosen symbols appear then he wins 2:1 his bet placed and three of the symbols that he has chosen reward him with a 3:1 payout. The real fun is if the player places a bet on the triple symbol. If the player lands three of any symbol after having placed a bet on the triple symbol he can win 30:1 against the bet placed. This is a game of luck only and because of this, it makes the game even more exciting with the knowledge that at any time the player can win a good payout and even the best payout if landing three of the same symbols.