Player Defy Odds By Winning Twice at LeoVegas Casino

Some of us are just happy to win a money jackpot or a big prize just once in our lives. However, for some people, they are fortunate to win a big jackpot twice. However, one player has defied the odds and one twice while playing at the same online LeoVegas Casino.

The Lucky Winner

This lucky player who had recently decided to remain anonymous about his big win was declared to be the winner after a big holiday promotion at LeoVegas. The promotion was straight-forward and players only had to deposit £10 during the time of the contest to qualify. The total prize money to be won to all winners was a staggering £100,000. This lucky winner was the only person whose name was drawn for the top prize of £25,000. This was the second win for this lucky guy as he had recently won just two months before during the Jackpot Party Promotion at LeoVegas Casino.

About LeoVegas Casino

LeoVegas Casino is a unique online casino because it was one of the few casinos which first started as a mobile casino then became a computer based casino. It offers various promotions such as free spins with free spins awarded just for signing up. Players can look forward to regular promotions and they accept players from Europe and the UK.