There's Still Time to Enjoy Cupid's Target Promotion at All Slots Casino

All Slots Casino known for its tournaments and promotions, and the recent Cupid's Target promotion is no different in quality. Players will be able to receive tickets they can submit to be entered into a weekly draw. This weekly draw is part of the casino promotions offered when you play at All Slots Casino, and there is still time to submit your tickets.

Cupid’s Target Promotion at All Slots Casino

Cupid’s Target Promotion has prizes for the lucky winners. Keep in mind this is a great promotion because it rewards you for things you would normally do while playing at All Slots. So go ahead and play your favorite slots games or try your hand at Blackjack. There are also plenty of lottery and other specialty games at All Slots Casino. By doing so, you will earn loyalty points. These lottery points equal a chance at one of the Cupid’s Target promotion tickets. All Slots Casino will convert points into one ticket depending on how much you earn with 50 points equal to one ticket. For example, if you earn 100 points this is converted to two tickets, and as a player you can continue to receive draw tickets each day that you qualify to do so.

Cupid’s Target Promotion Multiplier

All Slots Casino also has a ticket booster which if you play 3 days straight during the promotion, you can be rewarded a 3x multiplier for your tickets. Those who play for 4 days will receive a 4x multiplier for their tickets. The ticket booster pattern will continue for who play from five up to seven days with tickets being multiplied up to 7x. There is still time to play Cupid’s Target Promotion at All Slots Casino. The draw date is Saturday of the week in which you qualify and any wins will be placed in your casino account by Sunday.