Bahamas Holiday Promotion Now at Slots Heaven Casino

For many of us the cold weather this winter has come with the snow trailing behind it with a vengeance. This does many more nights of warm blankets, but it is also profitable for those who enjoy staying at home and playing slot games instead of driving to the nearest casino. One of the benefits of playing at online casinos are the numerous promotions such as the Bahamas Holiday Promotion .

Bahamas Holiday Promotion

The Bahamas Holiday Promotion is the latest contest offered at Slots Heaven Casino . This is a unique chance to win a trip to the tropical country of the Bahamas, a place where many people in the world can only dream of traveling to. The holiday promotion covers roundtrip airfare for two people, along with an excursion to the famous Pig Island. While there, the winners of the Bahamas Holiday Promotion from Slots Heaven Casino will be able to swim with dolphings and feed wild aquatic pigs. This is a 7-day trip which will occur in May.

How to Enter

There is still time to enter the contest to win the Bahamas Holiday Promotion. Players will have to deposit a minimum of £30 to be entered into the contest, and every deposit of £30 will equal one entry. The contest runs from now until Feb 11th at Slots Heaven Casino.