Unibet has Rebranded and Revamped their Maria Site n February

Recently Unibet announced that it would overhaul their version of the online brand Maria in February. The overhaul includes a fully responsive front-end site and also a new brand tonality. This is to create a diversity to become more appealing for men and women.

Unibet purchased the Maria Holdings Ltd. in 2007 for £54 million. They intend the re-brand to be called Maria Casino in the markets they operate in mid-February. The launch took place in three phases. On February 8th it went live in Estonia, and in the UK on February 15 and on February 16 it went live in Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden a day later.

They have shifted their emphasis on to casino games instead of bingo as they found it was more popular with their gambling customers thus, they will be able to target both men and women.

The Marie Website had its logo and branding revamped, new personalized features and the dashboard have been introduction, all the games are being offered across al the available channels.

Dersim Sylwan, the Head of Marketing for Maria, said that the website will always hae somethgn of a "feminine touch," their aiming was to expand their customer base to include both male and female gambling customers.

The executive noted that the shift from bingo to casino would need to be updated that will reflect this new branding including all its demographics. Also that bingo will still continue to be an important part of the brand's offering, and that their latest bingo client. launched in 2015, showing excellent results.

Dersim Sylwan also said that the Maria Casino would have a new brand character and they expect it to engage with their existing customers in a deeper way with what the website is offering and provide greater loyalty from them.

The Casino will be launching an exciting marketing campaign to mark the revamp and re-branding. This is to be distributed across all the channels and a series of TV ads will run in the company's core markets, other related content is to be spread across different channels as well, it will include radio, print, and mobile. A social media campaign will also be launched informing players about any upcoming changes.