Check Out The Casino School At Bodog

Some seasoned online casino players will literally go straight to their preferred site and start playing without a second thought. But for other people – particularly those who are playing online for the first time – some advice and insight into what to expect would be good first.

This is exactly what you will get if you visit the casino school at the Bodog Casino . Let’s check it out in more detail.

How do I find the casino school?

It’s easy enough to find it – once you are on the home page for the casino itself, at, you will see some tabs located just underneath the main header image. The last one on the right is for the casino school.

Click on this to proceed.

What can I expect once I get there?

The casino school itself is very easy to understand. They have broken things down into two easy sections so you can always find what you need at a moment’s notice.

For instance you have a ‘getting started’ section and a ‘game tutorials’ section. The first section should always be read initially because it contains useful information on how to use the instant play feature. It also has another guide concerning the download feature and how it works.

Do they cover all the games that can be played on the site?

Yes they do, although when it comes to playing online slots you will find one specific link for these. The Bodog Casino has lots of different slot games you can play, but if you click on this initial link you can go through to the dedicated rules and information for every one of the slots games they have on the site.

Are the game guides well written? Do they tell me what I need to know?

Yes they certainly do. Every one of them starts with a brief description of the game you want to play, and the objective of the game itself.

From then on it progresses to tell you the rules and how to play the game. In the case of slots games it will reveal what the special symbols are and if there are any special features in any of the games.

As you can see it is well worth going to the casino school when you first arrive at the Bodog Casino. It will make life easier if you do.