Powered by Microgaming

Many of the online casino advertise 'Powered by Microgaming' and youi may not understand what it means. Microgaming is one of the leading software development companies in the internet gaming industry, and many of the casino games that players enjoy are powered by Microgaming's software. Microgaming goes a long way back in the history of online casino gaming, in 1974 Microgaming created the first online casino software, and over the years, since then, they have continued to maintain the number one position as an online software developer. They consistently strive to find more interesting casino games for the internet in order to please players of casino games.

How is Microgaming recognized as the best?

Recognition of their outstanding performance for the industry has been expressed with the many awards they have received over the years. And the fact that players constantly go back for more time after time on thye Many Microgaming casinos is because they enjoy the games. Some of he rewards Microgaming has received in recognition of that outstanding casino games and software:

  • Best iGaming Casino Software from Casino Affiliate Programs
  • Best Online Casino Games from Online Gambling Insider
  • Best Casino Software from Casino Man
  • Best Slots Software from Slots Jam
  • Best software Award from Casino Meister
  • Top Casino Software from Gambling Online Magazine

Some of the best casino games are by Microgaming

Microgaming has a reputation for creating the best casino games for online gaming, and players constantly return to play the games attest to their popularity. Microgaming has recently brought in Viper Technology which has improved their gaming technology even more. Microgaming games are brilliant, the graphics are very realistic and the sound effects just magic. Many of the games have the look and feel of a real Las Vegas land based Casino. The choice of games that can be played with Microgaming Software cover the table games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and other games and not forgetting their award winning slots games. The gaming is exciting, fast and lots of fun. And many of them have an expert mode which allows players to play the gams faster with a defined strategy.

Online Games by Microgaming

Quantity and quality define the games from Microgaming, with more than 500 games for internet in their stable, in this selection there is every type of game that can be imagined and some that be highly surprising. The variety of games is quite incredible from a very large selection of slots games, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, keno, craps, and blackjack plus others. Although 500 games might appear to be a lot of games, Microgaming, has not stopped and will not stop at that, they will continue to develop more and newer games, with added features and ideas.

Some aspects behind the scenes

One of the aspects that make Microgaming a class of its own is that behind the scenes their software for their games is designed to ensure that all random numbers are really random this is to ensure that the games are honest and fair, and that all payouts are also fair. They also make use of an independent accounting company who do regular auditing of all their games. All players are assured that playing on any games using Microgaming software they know that all games are honestly fair.

Flash or Download

Microgaming's multitude of games are available in the downloadable version as well as flash version. Downloading gives the player access to all the Microgaming collection of games, the flash version does not have all the games available but it does have the convenience of being able to play on laptops and computers that are not based at your home, it also saves on your computer's hard drive space. No need to download anything available directly from any browser.

Impressive Progressive Jackpot Network

Within the Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network there are more than 20 games that are all interconnected through the Progressive Jackpot Network. The network is huge and has incredibly large Jackpot payouts.

The interconnected Progressive Network has over 120 casinos connected to each other, players at all the casinos playing on the progressive jackpot network contribute towards the jackpot that increases by the second, eventually at one of the casinos a player will hit the jackpot and realize the rewards of it. The jackpot will then go back to the minimum amount that it started with and begin a new cycle until its won again. There have been many exceptional payouts on the Progressive Jackpot Networks, which has made many people millionaires.

Powered by Microgaming means that players are assured of good gaming and excellent chances to win a big jackpot at any time. We wish you happy gaming at Microgaming casinos.