Exciting Developments Promised by Genting Alderney's Managing Director

Peter Nolan is the Managing Director of Genting Alderney, which is the online arm of Genting UK, also known to be one of the largest of the land-based casino operators in the United Kingdom. Mr. Nolan has been part of the company and at his post since 2008. Prior to him joining Genting Alderney, he worked as the Group Director for William Hill’s Interactive and Telephone Betting Businesses.

After Genting Alderney’s recently announced that it would be offering its Live Casino product together with platform provider, Evolution Gaming, Mr. Nolan spoke about the future of the company. He has considerable experience in the gaming industry, he also commented about recently introduced changes to the UK gambling regulations and how it would affect the gaming industry and UK-based gambling customers.

Genting Alderney recently announced that they would be moving its Live Casino product offering to Evolution Gaming.

Over the last 18 months they have undertaken a very large investment programme to their proprietary internet gaming systems, marketing. websites, product and their mobile capability. In doing so they have set out to create a intensive online presence under the Genting Casino brand which is based on extensive customer studies on usability, their focus is to ensure that their customer journey was and intuitive and logical one.

Their focus is completely on casino, that it is at the core of what they do, whether it is a land-based venue or an online venue. Their partnership with Evolution they are confident that that they can bring create the real casino experience for their online platforms, for example, an immersive 19 camera that angles on live roulette. Genting is now driving a convergence of online and land-based spaces.

A spokesperson when asked, in a constantly growing and a highly competitive online gambling market, did they plan additional new products and services. The reply was they were one of the world’s leading land-based casino operators, that they had at least 50 years of experience, they were constantly on the look out for new ways to grow their business. Their first ever TV campaign, that aired during October, was about championing their heritage and that they utilised the unrivalled knowledge as a group adding insight of engaging with their players gaining their confidence to play online and offline.

Mr Nolan continued the this was just the start of a series of exciting developments and that they will further updates in the new year! And advised players to watch this space!

When asked that recently a number of changes in the UK’s gambling regulations were introduced, such as the so-called Point of Consumption tax. When asked how it affected their business? And how it would affect the industry in general?

Mr Nolan replied that it was additional cost all every businesses. That they have looked at ways to reduce costs in other areas to compensate, however, it was not over in terms of the follow-through.

Continuing Mr Nolan said that they had recently gone through an internal sale within the group that took them into Genting Malaysia, which had aligned them closer with Genting UK and, therefore, from their point of view, provided them with access to the full UK customer base.

The Point of Consumption tax has been quite a challenge for all bushinesses, and although Genting Alderney is considered a relatively small operator, they do have the benefit of being part of a larger group giving them the opportunity to present themselves to their customer base, which gives them a good asset for compensating for that increase in tax.

Recently, Genting launched the Resorts World Birmingham, this is the first integrated resort within the United Kingdom. They were asked they expected the UK-based gambling customers to respond this kind of facility?

The answer was that Resorts World Birmingham, that opened last month, was their flagship casino that offered the 100-seat Sports Bar, where customers can enjoy watching, playing, and eating with friends. Just like all of their land-based casinos, it is operated by their sister company, Genting UK and with the same parent, they can collaborate with each other and therefore expect that to increase as they see more convergence towards players who are looking to play with their both online and their land-based casinos.