Bitcoin Deposits Using Netteller at Online Casinos

Neteller has just recently enabled Bitcoin deposits. Neteller is an electronic money (e-wallet) service that is owned and operated by British global payments company, Optimal Payments PLC.

The company allows customers more than 200 countries to be able to transfer money from different merchants, such as, forex trading companies, online gambling, social networks. Neteller also has the facility to allow customers to withdraw their funds directly from their accounts by making use of their Neteller card or to transfer their balance directly to their personal bank accounts.

Just recently the owner of Optimal Payments, who also own Neteller, announced that they were proposing the terms for the acquisition of Skrill, their rival, for nearly €1.1 billion.

Neteller has now integrated Bitcoin and enabled deposits, this has been said in the industry to be a bold play which is thought to help the Company to take the lead in the industry.

Joel Leonoff who is President and CEO of Optimal Payments has said that their Optimal Payments management team were very excited about the companies future prospects.

Customers will be pleased that Neteller will allow their users to deposit Bitcoin at a 0% fee for funding Neteller accounts.

After their accounts ae funded Neteller will enable currency conversions with funds to be held in their accounts in over 20 currencies. There was surprise at the Bitcoin community of this integration, as the company had shown reluctant to allowing support for this digital currency so far.

Users will now be able to move Bitcoin into their account and then be able to cash out in their local currency making use of their Neteller account.

Neteller is an e-wallet that provides easy, fast and a safe method of moving money in and out of online services, consumers have found that Neteller is a popular form of payment among many online companies, such as, online casinos, brokers, eCommerce companies, and many of the online Gaming and Gambling companies. Also almost all of the sportsbook and the betting exchanges accept Neteller. The reason that Neteller is is popular is because banks are been known to discriminate people who are frequent users of this kind of services.

To implement the digital currency, Neteller signed a partnership with Bitpay.

Bitpay spokesperson says that this agreement is one of the biggest payment networks in the world and that it demonstrates how far they've come in a short span of time. The spokesperson continued that Neteller shared their vision of how Bitcoin could revolutionize the way businesses wil handle transactions, and they're looking forward to working closely with them.

At this juncture Bitcoin deposits are fully available, however, the company still does not allow their users to process Bitcoin withdrawals;but it will open a new method for new users to access Bitcoins and to begin using them.

Neteller will be used as a workaround to using Bitcoin into a bunch of new services. One of the advantages that Neteller will be adding to Bitcoin users, is they will be able to purchase and fund their pre-paid credit cards and also issue deposits to online betting and gambling sites as well as online games, such as, League of Legends that don't support Bitcoin deposits.

*An Update: An outside sources has revealed that the Bitcoin Deposit feature is up till now still not available for US customers.