Ignition Poker

While there are never any certainties when it comes to playing poker, those who are considering joining players from Ignition and Bovada Casinos to strive toward that winning hand will find that their gaming experience is about to get a whole lot hotter. With excellent bonuses, exciting play, tournaments and much more, gamblers are sure to love the playing poker at Ignition Casino.

Exciting Bonuses With Ignition Poker

  • Those who choose to take advantage of the new poker play at Ignition will be pleased to discover that there are plenty of options designed specifically for them. Before cashing in on the casino's promotion for poker, players may take a $10 cash bonus to be used for casino or poker play. This sweet bonus is only a taste of things to come, however.
  • The welcome bonus for poker that new Ignition players can look forward to is worth 100 percent, up to $100. To cash in, gamblers must simply register a new account and begin playing their favorite game to collect Poker Points; each player has up to 30 days to accumulate the points that they need to take each piece of the four-part bonus. Once gamers have landed 15, 85, 185 and 400 Poker Points, they will receive $5, $20, $25 and $50, respectively. Once the appropriate number of points are earned, Ignition will deposit the bonus funds into the player's account within one day.
  • Scoring a Royal Flush in poker is a rare occurrence, and it's one that most players respond to with great amounts of enthusiasm; Ignition Casino is sweetening the pot for gamblers who land the hand when playing Texas hold'em by awarding them with a prize that doubles the hand's big blind, which could reach as high as $200. There are a few rules associated with the promotion: Players must win the pot, even if it doesn't go to a showdown, at least three players must be dealt into the hand, and gamblers must use both pocket cards for the win.
  • Bad beats are one of the toughest parts of playing the game, but those who wager at Ignition will be pleased to learn that the casino will reward them for their good sportsmanship on a bad beat: As long as the hand goes to showdown, the game is Texas Hold'em and other basic requirements are met, players can cash in on up to $1,000 in bad beat bonuses.

Instant Access to Many Different Poker Games and Tournaments at Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is a multi faceted casino that offers a wide choice of casino games including a fabulous selection of poker rooms with many different variations of poker offered. The casino offers players a chance to join any of the poker tournaments each week that offer close to $2 million is prize money. The tournaments offered include sit and go tournaments, quick seat tournaments and even mobile tournaments. The sit and go offer the player instant access to a poker game with an instant cost to join the game.In the same vein, the zone poker allows the player quick and instant access to the poker games and tournaments with no waiting around. By joining a poker tournament, the player is able to compete with thousands of other players and work his way up to the top 15% or so where he can actually benefit from winning part of the pot. The pot is the sum of all of the entry fees added by the thousands of competitors and can amount to a lot of money. The tournaments are the main choice of many players for poker games at the casino but there are also many poker rooms that the player can enjoy and choose to play at.

Poker Bonuses and Giveaways

Players that choose the poker rooms can enjoy one of the many bonus promotions that are given to the players. There is a Jackpot for sit and go games, there is a bad beat bonus that offers the player 100x the big blind if four of a kind beats Aces or Kings. Players need to submit their hand to the casino management in order to receive this bonus and there is a Royal Flush bonus for players of Texas Hold'em who can win an extra 50x the payout when landing a Royal Flush. Ignition Poker rooms also give away $2500 in weekly freeroll prizes to participants in the freeroll games.

Mobile Poker at Ignition Casino

And then there are the mobile poker games. The mobile poker games can be played through any mobile device at any time of the day and night with the same conditions that apply at the online casino. The player also benefits from the same generous promotions and the same choice of poker games giving the player endless hours of poker fun at the Ignition Casino in addition to the many other amazing casino games that this casino offers.

Zone Poker, Tournaments and More

  • Zone Poker has been a long-time favorite of Bovada players, and it will continue after the Bovada-to-Ignition Poker transition has been completed. For gamblers unfamiliar with this style of play, Zone Poker reduces the wait time that gamers experience at traditional poker tables: Once a hand has been folded, the player will be redirected to a new table, where they will receive a new hand.
  • Ignition poker players will find plenty of fun in tournament play; guaranteed tournaments occur on a daily basis, and these offer prize pools that range between $4,000 and $25,000. With small entry fees that fall between $11 and $109, this is a great way to cash in on a tournament with tons of prize potential without spending a lot.
  • The $100K Guaranteed Poker Tournament is among the hottest that Ignition has to offer, and those who play will be pleased to discover that the tournament's top finisher will land at least $20,000 in prize money.

Take Your Poker Play to Ignition Casino

Online casino gamblers looking for high-quality entertainment at the poker tables won't want to miss the fun at Ignition Casino. Create a new account at Ignition Poker or transfer your Bovada Poker membership today.