NetEnt Live: Uniting the Gambling Community Right Now

There is something very exciting that is currently happening in the world of online gambling and all of it is thanks to NetEnt. The newest large-scale experience they will be providing is a shared live casino with multiple options, numerous extras and of course-the opportunity for huge financial profit. This new type of entertainment will involve numerous players online at the same time. This is the casino experience brought online with a mixture of perfectly scripted programs, which bring the emphasis on the comforts of the individual player and a truly beautiful design. Furthermore, this feature will be available on numerous platforms so you will be able to enjoy it everywhere-on your laptop or phone, regardless if you are home or outside.

The Roulette

The first of several main comforts NetEnt Live will provide potential visitors with is the Live Roulette. Apart from its wonderfully crafted audio-visual interface, the roulette is tried and tested and the problem-free gaming experience is totally guaranteed. You will be able to choose between a landscape and a portrait look. Furthermore, players will be given the opportunity to take a look at a video stream, to make their bets throughout the spin itself in very much the same way it is done in an actual casino.

Live Blackjack

The blackjack in NetEnt Live has also been designed as realistically as possible to resemble the actual game. The video quality is high, every possible obstacle for the interaction with other players online is removed and the game feels more authentic than pretty much any other place you can find something similar to live blackjack. The additional features provided entirely to boast the player's comfort like history of the dealer and the table statistics will make the game more enjoyable and will also provide a solid sense of fair play. Various table limits will also be available so that every sort of player can be attracted to the website. Another very pleasant aspect of the live game that NetEnt has put together is the perfect selection of dealers, all of which will be helpful, funny, supportive and highly knowledgeable of the game. Probably one of the best additions to the NetEnt Live blackjack is the Live Common Draw Blackjack table, which can unite literally hundreds of gamblers: basically everyone who wants to play will be able to since there are no limitations.

NetEnt Live Will Stun You

It is probably the most unique and original gambling experience you will come across online and you will be pleased to find that it is one that treats your comfort as its highest priority.