Recent Winner at Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino

Cafe Casino is an impressive place to join where players not only enjoy fabulous games, great service, amazing promotions and total security but from time to time they get the big win. And this big win happened to Filippo M from Florida at the start of the New Year. Filippo is not a new player to the casino so was not taking advantage of the welcome offer that matches deposits 500% to the value of $500. Filippo decided to play the relatively new Keno Draw game and won $148310 from just a $1 bet.

How to Play Keno Draw

Keno Draw is the new improved version of the original Keno game. This new version offers a brighter board with 80 numbers and some extra features that include the ability to record numbers in the my numbers section of the game. Players will have their choice of between 0-15 numbers that they choose noted in in the My Numbers section giving them instant recognition if their numbers turn up on screen. The betting options of this game range from $0.01 up to $10 but Filippo chose to place an initial bet of $1. He then chose his 15 numbers and waiting for the computer to randomly choose numbers. With a match of between 14-15 numbers a $1 bet yields $100000. A bet of $10 would have given Filippo $1 million and a bet of $5 would have given him $500000. Even a low value bet of $0.01 yields the player $1000 when 14-15 numbers match. Keno Draw is easy to play and does not require much thought on the part of the player apart from choosing his numbers and then he can sit back and wait for his winning payouts, just like Filippo did who was blessed with a very pleasant surprise at this outstanding casino.