New Partnership

Partnerships are always a good thing and especially in the gaming industry. The latest partnership to be announced was advertised in later March and it is a good one. Pinnacle who have just celebrated 20 years in the betting and gaming industry and formally joined partnership with Betsoft and will be offering all of their fantastic casino games at the Pinnacke website. Up until recently Pinnacle was best known for its sports betting and esports options in over 200 countries and more recently it had also entered the European market in gaming with some fantastic options offered. The success of Pinnacle in the gaming industry as prompted them to join forces with Betsoft.

A Bit About Betsoft

Betsoft is considered one of the leading software gaming companies in the world and is on a par with the 200 countries that Pinnacle serves. Betsoft offers over 200 different animated and cinematic casino games including some fantastic 3D stories that leave the player wanting more and more. The choice of Betsoft games is phenomenal and in addition the new agreement between Pinnacle and Betsoft will also allow for Pinnacle to offer the new casino games from Betsoft as they are launched. This is a win win situation for both Pinnace and Betsoft and will be an amazing partnership that will last for many years to come.