2UP Game

2UP is a widely played coin toss game across Australia and in fact all over the world. It is best known in Australia for being played on Anzac Day as a way or remembering the soldiers that fought bravely in the many different wars. This coin game is very easy to play and it is also a lot of fun. The game stems back to the early 18th Century and was thought to be a favorite game of the convicts that arrived in Australia from Ireland and Britain. Towards the end part of the 18th Century 2UP was adopted by many different groups of soldiers when they were on their break and to pass the time of endless hours of guard duty.

The Simple Rules of 2UP

The game is very simple and played with just two coins. Participants in the game place bets on either the two coins landing heads up called an observe or tails up called a reverse or one of each called odds. The person who throws the coins in the air is called a spinner and the coins rest on the kip before being tossed in the air, tails up. The game offers the same odds each time and over the years the only variations of the game that have been developed are the continuity of landing the same coin configuration each throw. Multiple players can place bets on the outcome of the two coins being tossed and this gives the participants more excitement with more money at stake. 2UP is not a complex game to play and the potential rewards can be very big if enough players join, the winners share the pot. This game has become much more a social game than a serious gambling game and it is always associated with Anzac Day.