Bovada Withdrawal Options

Just as there are a number of ways to make deposits securely and easily at the Bovada casino, there are also a number of ways to withdraw funds from Bovada Casino. If the player has made a deposit using Bitcoin, then it makes sense to request a withdrawal back to his Bitcoin wallet. In order for the Bitcoin withdrawal to be approved and to work, the player must first register his Bitcoin wallet in the withdrawal tab at the casino. Once the player has registered his wallet, he can instantly request a withdrawal and enact upon it. The withdrawal takes up to 24 hours with Bitcoin and is considered the quickest method for withdrawal at the casino. Before completing the withdrawal process, the player must receive approval from the casino management to make the withdrawal. The casino allows the widest range of withdrawals with Bitcoin, anything from $10 up to $9500 per withdrawal, once approved. Bitcoin is the most popular method for deposit and withdrawal at the casino today and it is the least time consuming but there are other options offered also. A rapid transfer payout also takes about 24 hours but this will cost the player more and the player is not allowed to withdraw as much as allowed with Bitcoin.

Requesting a Check By Courier

Before Bitcoin many players relied on the check withdrawal option. This is still offered today and takes up to 15 days for the check to arrive at the player once it has been approved by the casino management. The player can request the check to arrive by courier and this is included in the 15 days that it takes for the check to arrive. If the player is withdrawing by check then the amounts he can withdraw are anything from $100 to $3000. Every withdrawal option and of course all of the deposit options offered at the casino are totally secure and 100% encrypted with the casino management putting the requirements of the player first to ensure a happy and content player.