$96040 Win

Darren G has been a member of the Lincoln Casino for just shy of five years now and likes to play slots mixed with other table games and video pokers. He is not a big bettor but he is a regular bettor and this brought him to try his luck over Memorial Day weekend when he started playing the 7x Lucky 7s progressive slots game. He managed to win just over $11000 in this game by landing three purple 7's and two wilds, giving him a multiplier of 49x. And with this win he decided to for a change and moved to the cute and kitsch Mile High slots game. This is a five reel game with twenty five paylines and a couple of special features. There are two wild symbols- the pilot and the hostess and each one multiplies winnings 2x but during free spins the player can win up to 16x when both the pilot and the hostess appear on the screen and are used to make up a winning line. This is what happened to Darren, just as he was about to give up playing for the day after having player a few rounds of Mile High, then moved to Video Poker, he decided to have just one more bet on the Mile High slots game and that was one of the best choices he made in his life. With just one spin, he landed the equivalent of five pilots with both the hostess and the pilot making up the symbols on the line and his winnings were multiplied 16x giving him his huge payout of $96040. Darren will continue to be a loyal player at the Lincoln Casino that is constantly offering bonuses and special offers including 50 free spins on the Goblins Gold slots game until June 10th.