7x Lucky 7s Slots

Big wins aren’t always possible on small slot games. However, the smaller slots don’t always need to be shy and retiring. The 7x Lucky 7s slot certainly isn’t. Our review proves this quite easily, giving you the details on this thrilling slot. Could it soon be your favorite one to play?

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What comes to mind when you think about a classic slot machine? A one-armed bandit, maybe – the kind of slot that used to be big news in the casinos? It still is for some people, of course, even though the bigger video slots have taken over a huge portion of the audience. 7x Lucky 7s proves just how good some of these slots can be.

Created by…

Wager Gaming. They’ve developed something of a talent for creating awesome slots that look basic at first glance yet deliver way more than you thought.

Try a demo spin or two

It’s a great game to try and cheap too, as you’ll soon see. But many players prefer to spin the reels of a strange game without risking their bankroll. You can do just that if you check out this game.

The game uses a well-worn theme

Does well-worn mean dull? Not a bit of it – the 7x Lucky 7s game is a classic and it reveals one main feature you might recognize from some of their other games. It works, this feature we’re talking about, and many players look out for the selection of games working on the same idea.

Pull the lever to start the game

That’s the design in force in this slot. The classic one-armed bandit is here to treat you to a great time. Look at the buttons on the front of the machine. They’re there to tap or click depending on how you play the game. If you’ve played the real thing before, you’ll very likely smile at the look of this game.

Let’s get the lowdown on the basics of 7x Lucky 7s slots

You’ve very likely guessed the game possess three reels. It also gives you classic red sevens to look for. Other symbols include purple and blue sevens, and lots of cherries.

But we’ve omitted the best symbol of all – the oval 7x icon that mentions the title of the game. Yes, that 7x has a relevance to the game and to what you might be able to win in prize money should it appear.

You see, the 7x is wild and replaces all other symbols appearing in the game. It could help you get a larger prize if it appears with two matching symbols on the payline. However, the power of that multiplier wild is best seen when two appear on the payline. The multipliers do their work together, giving you a huge 49x multiplier for your prize. If two appear on the line, look at the third symbol. The value of the three-icon prize for that symbol is then multiplied by 49x to give you a cool prize.

Yet even that isn’t the best bit. Well, it’s certainly right up there, but there’s more to enjoy than this. See above the reels there is a panel with cool blue figures in it? That’s the progressive jackpot. The current amount is shown there, and it triggers randomly – it isn’t connected to any symbols used in the game. There are separate prizes given for getting three wilds on the payline.

Watch the jackpot closely if you’re playing this game for real. It must drop before it reaches $25k, so the closer it gets, the better the odds are that someone must shortly find that jackpot dropping into their account.

Paylines… or payline?

The answer is payline, of course, as there is just one in play.

Lots of coins to choose from

With just one line, you might be forgiven for thinking this jackpot slot has a fixed bet. Not so, though. Choose from coins that go from one cent to $5, and choose one, two, or three of your selected coins to place on the payline before each spin. Everyone is eligible for a shot at that jackpot, so you don’t need to satisfy a minimum bet to get a chance to scoop it up.

A two-section paytable

The game shows you the biggest prizes when it first loads – the top two prize tiers for one, two, and three credits played. You can switch the screen to view more pays though, which shows you what the lower-ranked prizes are like. One set of cherries is good for the cheapest prize.

No bonus here

Just a progressive jackpot chance, and a wild that multiplies by itself to give a hefty prize!

Free spins?

Not in the 7x Lucky 7s slot, no.

What’s the likely RTP for 7x Lucky 7s slots?

We’ve looked at several sources for info on this and they all come in with figures of around 88-89%. That is very low for a slot, perhaps because of the jackpot. Lots of players seem to love it though.

Our 7x Lucky 7s slot rating

The multipliers and the jackpot make this an intriguing game to play. The low RTP value drops our score a bit, but we like the ‘must win’ jackpot trigger amount. This makes the game more appealing when the value gets close to that trigger. That’s why we rate this one at 7 out of 10.

When was the last winner seen on this game?

If we merely look at the jackpot, it seems to drop on average around every 10 or 11 days. It also seems to pay out way before it hits the $25k maximum though.

Is it worth playing this game with practice credits only?

It’s a good one to start like this, so you can get the hang of how it works and see what you think. We doubt you’d want to play this way for long though.

Play for real at Wager Gaming casinos today

Many casinos have Wager Gaming titles to try. They also offer good deposit bonuses to get you underway if you haven’t got an account with them yet. Check the games section to make sure they offer 7x Lucky 7s first.

7x Lucky 7s on mobile

This game can be played on mobile devices. The large and easygoing design makes it a good one to play in this manner. It might be your preferred way to try it.