5G Technology and Games

5G, fifth generation, technology is about to be launched in many large cities all over the world and it will definitely have an impact on online gaming. Up until recently online gaming at online casinos was the most popular form of gambling. Accessing the online casinos is easy and can be carried out through WIFI networks. The casinos need downloading or the player can access the casino and its games from the instant version of the casino by playing on the web browser of the casino. And for players that move about, the instant casinos allow the player to enjoy games from different computers as long as he remembers his user name and password. There are huge advantages to the online casino that include generous promotions, welcome offers and ongoing bonuses and tournaments. Players can also enjoy live dealer casino games that are fed to the player through a video feed through which the player can also interact with the dealer and other players. At the online casino, the player is able to make secure instant deposits through encrypted channels and there is no waiting around for approvals especially when using Bitcoin or other virtual currency deposits. And support is offered around the clock every day of the year and every hour of the day giving the player confidence to enjoy every aspect of the online casino.

The Popularity of the Mobile Casino

Mobile Casinos are also very popular and can be accessed directly through the web browser of a mobile device or the player can download the casino and to their mobile device. The mobile casinos are also accessible at all times and the software is completely free to use. Up until now all of the mobile casinos work either on WIFI or through 3G and 4G connections. The 4G connections are fast and efficient but occasionally there can be issues and some of the transactions take a little more time than necessary. Many players like the mobile casino option but tend to stay with the online casinos that offer full access and also give the player all of the games and options of the casino at once. With the introduction of the 5G technology, the shift away from online casinos will be felt more. The 5G technology is faster and offers a higher data rate, it is more energy saving and there is definitely a cost reduction on data used because of the higher speed and capacity. This means that players at the online casino will move more and more to the mobile casino with 5G. They will be able to access the casino instantly and even enjoy live dealer casino games on their mobile device. The 5G technology will also give players quicker deposits and payouts and quicker reactions to all commands given.

A Dip in Online Casinos that Will Return

5G technology is planned to be launched at the end of 2019 or towards the beginning of 2024. To begin with it will only be available in the big cities where the networks in place can support the higher speeds and strength of the networks. This is great for the city casino player or the commuter who comes to the city every day, but it is not so good for the players that live far out and really need the better connections. To begin with the online casino may feel a slight change in the number of players enjoying their services but soon it will balance out as the non-city members realize that the traditional online casino is just as accessible as before and offers much more.