Best Slots to Play

Wow, what a question. The answer to this one, of course, depends on who is answering it. We love five-reel slots packed with special features and bonuses. Other people would say the best slots to play are those with fruity themes and minimal reels and paylines.

So, to figure out what you think on this topic, let's ask some more questions. Once you know your own answers to these questions, you can see which slots you should be looking for.

Do you prefer three-reel slots or five-reel slots?

There are fans of each and some people who love both equally. We love the five-reel games as they offer the space to introduce more paylines, bonuses, and other features. Conversely, some players prefer three reels because they often have just one payline and are therefore better for those on smaller budgets.

Which group do you fall into? Finding your preference here will help you proceed to the next two points to consider.

Watching out for opportunities to net some free games during play

We love free games! Not every slot offers them, but those that do give the player a chance to grab some free spins during play. As the name suggests, the spins have no charge attached to them, but you can still pick up some prizes if you get some good combinations appearing on the reels. If you are playing for real, it makes sense you might want to look for slots that offer this opportunity.

Are there bonuses involved in your chosen slot game?

We love bonuses too, and they can come in various guises. Picking games, second-screen bonuses, even multi-tiered bonuses… it is possible to find all these and more inside a bonus slot game.

Some games are more generous with their bonuses than others. You might find one or two bonuses or none. The paytable for a game will reveal what you can expect. If you have certain preferences, you can read the paytable to see whether you would like to go ahead and play that slot.

You can see that the best slots will differ depending on who you ask. While you can get good recommendations from other players, it is always important to bear in mind your own preferences and desires before choosing a game to play. When you know what you would like to see most of all, you can press ahead and try a game or two to find your own best slots to play.