Bitcoin Online Casino

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Remember when a Bitcoin online casino was a rare thing? Back then, players must have wondered how long the novelty would last.

Fast forward to today, and not only has the novelty remained in play, it has led to dozens of Bitcoin casinos opening their doors for people to enter. These casinos have yet to become the most popular way of playing online games, but they have hit on a market that seems to be expanding.

You might already have had experience of this. But why?

Bitcoin has become better known

Remember a time when someone mentioned Bitcoin and everyone else would wonder what they were talking about?

That time is long since over. Nowadays, most people have heard of it and understand it is a currency much like any other. It may be virtual, unable to be held in your hand, but it exists online, and many people are now using it.

Some cryptocurrency casinos include other virtual currencies too

There are two types of casino that use Bitcoin. The first is a regular online casino that has added Bitcoin to its existing banking methods. These are becoming more widespread as more casino owners realize the benefits of offering it. The second is a cryptocurrency casino - one that is built solely on virtual currencies like Bitcoin.

In each case, you may find Bitcoins - seen as BTC or mBTC when amounts are used - are the only ones you can use. Alternatively, you might find your chosen casino offers other virtual deposit methods as well. Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, and many other currencies are also available for those who wish to use them.

Deposits and withdrawals are often fee-free

Most deposits, regardless of the method you choose, do not involve any fees. However, it is wise to read the banking information and rules surrounding any payment method you are thinking of using.

The same cannot always be said of withdrawals. While every casino should provide details of any applicable fees, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't need to pay any at all? This is usually the case with Bitcoin, although again it is good to confirm this with an individual casino. Deposits and withdrawals are often faster via a virtual currency than with any other methods you can think of.

These casinos contain many of the same games seen at other casinos

Did you think you would miss out on your favorite slots and casino games by visiting a Bitcoin online casino? Not so - in fact, you may end up finding a surprising amount of games to play. Just as the casinos themselves have identified a ready market of players interested in making virtual payments, so the software developers have been keen to provide their games to these casinos.

And you never know, you might spot one or two new sources of games to plunder too. That would be cool, right?

Bitcoin can be deposited and withdrawn safely and anonymously

For many players, it is the anonymity offered by Bitcoin and similar currencies that marks it out as their preferred currency. It is secure too, providing you with a chance to enjoy and appreciate a service that suits online gaming.

With all these advantages to using Bitcoin casinos and many others too, it's no wonder people are loving everything they can offer.