Cafe Casino Player Triggered a $75K Win on Mobile Slot

Achilles Slots, a Cafe Casino mobile slot paid out big over the weekend to one lucky player. A long time player from Pennsylvania was playing the game and happened to trigger this large payout that so many have been waiting for.

How it Was Done

The lucky winner, Rob J. triggered the game's free spins mode by landing three scatters on the screen. This free spins feature brings an influx of icons, both, Helen and Achilles to the screen. This allows the players to mix and match however the reel is rolled. Rob was able to land four Helens and one Achilles on this screen. Achilles is the wild in the game, meaning that is could substitute the Helen during game play, giving him five matches across the game board.

He Cashed Out From the Free Spins Mode

The free spins mode also comes with a 3x multiplier, so when he was able to hit the five in a row and get the 5,000 coin payout from those Helens, it became 15,000 coins due to the multiplier.

Those 15,000 coins ended up totaling around $75K. Rob had walked away with a large lump sum of money just by being lucky on this great slot machine that allows everyone to play it. This all came right from the free spins mode, so he didn't even have to use one of the spins he had purchased previously.

This was a large win that went down in the books for the casino, especially since he was lucky enough to get the wild that filled in for the fifth Helen. Everyone congratulated him, however, on the win since it was a big one that a lot of people hope to get. Until someone else is able to hit those special symbols and get the same type of payout.

If anyone is interested in playing Achilles, it is a fun, fast-paced slot machine that is packed with many ways to win, as well as bonus games and free spins that can be triggered. As Rob has shown us, there is a lot of cash that can be won when you line the symbols up right.

Check out the game at Cafe Casino's mobile casino site and play for yourself to see the excitement that is awaiting you. Play with Cafe Casino today and see some of the other games they also have available!