A Texan Proves His Bravery and Lands Up with a $45000 Win

Texans are known for their bravery and their loyalty and in the game of Gerry M it really paid off. Gerry M joined the colorful and rewarding Miami Club Casino in March of this year and although a regular player since then is not very experienced and not familiar with all of the games. He liked to play Mega Money Mine but did not get very far with it so decided to change to the Ultimate 10x Wild Slots game. This is a three reel one payline slots game that has some very special extra features. It is created by WGS and is one of a many in a series of multiplying slots, games that seem simple but all offer an extra twist to them. And it was this extra twist that won Gerry $45000 on May 3rd. Gerry had already taken advantage of the welcome bonus from Miami Club casino that matched his first deposits made to the value of $200 and he was also debating which of the other promotions and bonus offers to use.

How Gerry Proved His Bravery

Gerry started playing Ultimate 10x slots with a bet of $15 using three coins made up of $5 each. The game ran quite smoothly and he was left with a credit or $225 when luck struck. He landed a $ sign next to two of the 10x multiplier symbols and this gives the player an automatic 100x multiplier. But there was even more good news to come. At the end of each winning spin, the player can choose to gamble his winnings and try and double what he has already won but he can also lose what he has won if the gamble does not pay off. Gerry from Texas is super cool and brave and with the $22500 that he could have walked away with, he decided to gamble the money. His thinking was that if he wins, then all well and good and if he loses, it wasn't really his money anyway. And guess what? Gerry is one very lucky man, he gambled his winnings and won a huge $45000. Gerry intends to leave some of the winnings in the casino for further casino play and will withdraw some to spend on himself and family. The Miami Club Casino welcomes the win and was even quoted as complimented Gerry on his nerve for gambling what was already a huge win in relation to the bet placed. Miami Club Casino offers great tournaments and promotions to compliment the wide selection of games and until May 31st players can claim 25 free spins on the City of Gold slots game.