Historic Supreme Court Ruling on Sports Betting

May 14th 2018 will go down in history not just for international news but also for the local news in the USA that saw the Supreme Court ruling that sports betting will become legal in many states. Up until the famous ruling, sports betting was already legal in a number of states that included New Jersey, West Virginia, Mississippi and Delaware. In these states, active sports books are already in play literally and allow players to place live betting on hundreds of different sports games and competitions that take place across the world and also in local states in America. The new legislation means that players will be able to enjoy sports betting from other states in the near future. At present California, New York, Illinois and Michigan have pending approvals and will soon join the original four states that have already approved sports book betting. In fact according to reports there are over 20 states that are considering approving sports betting and the latest High Court decision will have a huge influence of the approvals and may even speed them up. Being able to place real money bets on sports games at any time of the day or night in a secure setting and in some instances also watch the games live through the computer screens is a huge benefit to sports lovers.