Time Bender Slots

Whether looking to travel to the future or go back in time or just stay in the current time zone Time Bender slots is definitely the game to spend some time on. Yes it is all about time and not just the minutes and days but real time in space and outer space. There are five reels and forty paylines to this game that does not need to be downloaded. It is easily accessible at all times of the day or night from the web browser of flash casinos and players who are not sure about how to play the game are able to try it out before placing real money bets. But, when trying it out, the player should be aware that he will not be eligible for either of the two random progressive jackpots that can be won at any time when playing the real money version of the game. The Super Slots jackpot offers players on average a jackpot of between $40000 to $45000 and the Cash Grab Jackpot offers players on average between $2000 to $5000. Both jackpots can be won totally at random.

Rings of Time Bonus

There are a number of outstanding features to this game that make it more attractive and fun to play. The Rings of Time Bonus takes players to a new screen where they are presented with concentric rings on the screen. The player is invited to choose different rings that reward him with different bonus amounts and work his way from the outer circle inwards until he reaches the target or the screen turns red at which point the bonus game ends and the cumulative total of the bonus payouts is given to the player.

Expanding Wild

The wild symbol expands and covers the whole reel that it is on. If it is only partly showing on a reel the player benefits from a nudge and the wild covers the whole reel. On reels 2 3 and 4 symbols can be highlighted at random and if all three reels are highlighted the area turns into one large symbol that is 3x4. The remaining reels 1 and 5 are then re-spun and the player benefits from any winning payouts as a result. If the large symbol is highlighted again the player gets another re-spin and this can continue endlessly. These are known as the colossal re-spins and if the wild appears on one of the three reels it will expand to cover all three reels. It is quite something to witness and also very rewarding to benefit from.

The Benefits of Time Travel

Time travel is definitely a good thing with Time Bender slots, the player gets to travel the galaxy, see the stars and some of the other interesting symbols that travel in the galaxy and in addition there are many bonus options and great payouts in this game. Players can win one of the two random progressive jackpots at any time when playing Time Bender slots, they can benefit from colossal re-spins or the Rings of Time bonus and also the wild that nudges. Being a time traveler seems to be a good thing.